Older Women & Younger Men

Age is only a number! Am sure many women have heard that before but only few men could live that phrase! Younger men and older women attraction leaves them panting for more with no space nor time to think rationally. And it’s not a new story, rather it’s  been all along, only now, out in the open for many to know.

It’s an old saying, age is just a number. And lately, we’ve also witnessed how true this is. The concept of an older woman with a younger man came in limelight once again when Nick and Priyanka got married. From extensive articles to social media trolls, people went on to talk about it outrightly, sometimes with tone of judgemental remarks or in applaud of appreciation for breaking the rules!

What was so unusual about it? Simply the 10 years age gap.

And not to forget, Emmanuel Macron French President, declared, at 17yrs age that he would one day marry his teacher who was 24-years older than him. And he did, in 2007.

Let’s face it, no matter how open-minded our society becomes, such kind of relationships still gets strange looks and mostly negative opinions.

Well, these kinds of relationships didn’t exist in previous times, but now it’s a reality which has to be accepted. As per a recent data and survey, 27% of younger men are attracted to older women, and 31% of older women prefer dating younger men.

Question is, why men can’t resist the charm of older women? Here are a few probable reasons:

  • An older woman will be much stronger and dependable in tough times, contrary to most younger girls.

  • Old age implies emotional stability, intellectual and mature thoughts  — something which makes most men appreciate and desire.

  • Older women are very experienced sexually as well, they’ll take charge in the bed, just what every guy wishes for.

  • They are far above the pampering and typical romantic stuff. They are certainly not the high maintenance ones.

  • They have had all experiences of life and are aware of its reality, and aren’t living in any fairy tale.

This was about the psychology of men. Now let’s talk about women, what makes them fall for young blood.

  • It’s believed that men look older much before women, and so women don’t find men of their age physically appealing.

  • At times, women want space from that life full of responsibilities and stress. They crave for freshness and adventure, something which a young boy brings in.

  • Younger men have much active sexual hormones and probably would last much longer than the older ones.

  • A younger partner would treat his women with respect and dignity for her achievements, something which a man of the same age might not.

There are many reasons why men and women gravitate towards each other, overlooking the age difference. But what’s the end like? Here are three real-life examples:

1. Yash a 23-year-old MBA student fell for Shalini, his 36-year-old divorcee professor. It took almost an year for him to convince her for their relationship and when she actually got the strength to say yes, they received nothing but utmost disregard from the college and their respective families. Burdened with all this, Shalini chose to resign and leave the city so that Yash could live a respected life with a partner of his age.

2. Raghav is 25 years old working in a MNC. His manager Ragini, a 35-year-old married woman gets attracted towards him. They have a healthy relationship both physically and emotionally. Later, when Raghav realizes how he genuinely loves her, he proposes to her for marriage. Without much thought, Ragini straightly denies it stating how she was interested only in a sexual relationship with him.

3. Sahil is a 22-year-old graduate and Parul is a 34-year-old widow and his mother’s friend. They both meet at a family function and witness a strange attraction towards each other. After a few months of strong connect, they actually fall for each other. She got that support in him she had lost earlier while he got that care from her which he never received from his mother. After much rejection from their families, they managed to convince them and got married eventually.

To sum it up, there could be several reasons for this attraction and several probabilities of how the relationship will end. Needless to say, it has its own pros and cons and it’s own related struggle, which will never be easy.

What matters is, are you ready to overlook the societal contempt when you’ll walk with a partner with a big age difference? Are you ready to live with a partner whose priorities will be far different from yours?

If you find it all worth a shot, then dive in, you never know what turns out best for you. Just like Nick and Priyanka overlooked it all and flaunt their love, proudly.


Times are changing and so must you…Life and Love is Challenging You …


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