A Date With Yourself….One Reservation Please!

So it is Valentine’s Day in a couple of days and you still don’t have a person to go on a DATE with. Or did you just have a Breakup? Are you still cursing the Cupid for missing his arrow? Are you wondering how would you celebrate the day of Love?

If you put your plans on hold till you find the ONE, you might be waiting forever. So Don’t spoil the fun! This Valentine’s Day, try to grow a new love, with yourself. Instead of being in tears, calling up your ex, asking to get back together, grow a new appreciation for love, an appreciation for yourself. If you don’t have a person in your life to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with, why not take yourself out on a date?

Indulge in Yourself… Sharing My 10 Valentine Tips…    


  • Take yourself on a one-day road trip. Traveling solo gives you the freedom to do, see and go exactly to the places you want. Solo travel forces you out of your comfort zone and encourages you to talk to new people and make new bondings. So go ahead book a trip!
  • Solo dance party. Queue up your favorite playlist, dim the lights, light up some scented candles and dance like no one’s watching you. Get wild with it!
  • Pamper with an Aromatic Bubble Bath. Add a bit of rose or lavender oil (or any bath oils of your choice) and your favorite flowers to the water. Add in the bath salts that have been lying in the corner of your bathroom shelf for ages. Play an instrumental music or pick up your favorite romantic book and dive into the Cleopatra’s bath.
  • Get A Makeover. Get Sexy! Try on something you will normally never wear – such as a shift dress, a pair of khaki shorts or a bright yellow shirt. You could try anything from a sexy pair of thongs, a new shade of lipstick or a pair of leopard-printed stilettos. Try wild outfit!
  • Relax and Rejuvenate with a Spa Treatment. Stepping into the sauna or a steam room and soaking up some heat can work magic on your skin. Choose something traditional like an Ayurvedic, Shirodhara drip or a Malay Warm Stone Massage. Or indulge in a good spa joint’s signature treatment for some serious pampering. A good spa treatment can prove to be your ultimate de-stress, detox and rehab date.
  • Gift Yourself the Gem. You are Precious! It’s not just the Diamonds that shine and Gold that Glitter! Wear the gems that brings out the best in you. Try Crystal that are rare and it speaks to you. Tune in with Gems & Crystals. Rare and Inexpensive too!
  • Click Away and Become the Model of the Day! Forget the 750 pictures that are lying in your mobile storage for one usable Instagram photo. Hire a professional photographer, go to a beach, garden or terrace and get clicked. Flaunt it on Facebook or Instagram.
  •  Style Yourself.  Abundance is yours. This is one of everyone’s favorites. Window shopping solo is a luxury because you can spend as much time as you would want to without anyone looking at their watch or rolling their eyes. Want to buy another of that sexy black dress? Buy it. There is no one to judge you.
  • Cross Exercise.  Book yourself a Cross Exercise Workout! Zumba, Yoga, Pilate, Swimming etc will not only get you in shape but Change the Rhythm of your life too! Don’t just sit and brood make the move! Hit the floor with no excuse! Love your Body
  • Wellness Retreat. Opt for a quiet retreat to relax and gather your thoughts. Choose to unwind by going on peaceful nature walks or expertly led private yoga sessions in a stunning beachfront location. A good wellness retreat makes you feel re-energized helps you get back in tune with your emotions, thoughts and feelings.    

Once the date with yourself will be over, I assure you that you will feel happier with your relationship status than you did before. Self-dating proves to be a game changer and enriches you with a new-found confidence, making you feel comfortable with who you are. It is soothing and relaxing to know that it is OK to be alone, no matter whatever day it is.

And don’t forget to tell us how your Valentine Date made You Feel Special…

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