A Runaway Bride….


Well looking back I can say a Big YES! Little did I know that my upbringing was influencing my forthcoming events and relationship patterns!!!

The Lock & Key

I was a reserved & obedient child until I got married to a domicile regular guy. There was apparently nothing wrong in him , just not the right lock and key. We made no match nor in bed nor outdoors. Nor could we connect or merge mentally emotionally or spiritually. All we were was a dutiful pair married through tradition & family consent. But as years passed by, everything seemed mundane and void. Nothing seemed right . A voice began to run in my head…chanting like a mantra … Run Away if You Want to Survive!!!

Doors Unlocked

I felt torn, my head & heart at tug a war ! I knew this would cause a shock to both the families. As in India we do not marry only the man but the whole family! How could I hurt anyone specially when everything on the surface seemed fine to the world . Though we both knew much was amiss. I was making a huge compromise, my womanhood denied, my beingness felt inauthentic to stay on in a facade marriage!


I started to resent myself and my mother who failed to understand especially after all the turmoil she had faced as a woman as a wife to my father who was emotionally unavailable, irresponsible and a missing factor in the family. My mother feared my future as a single woman and pleaded me to hold the marriage against all odds even after knowing about the extra marital affairs & romance of my hubby.

Stay Or Quit?…

Wasn’t the history repeating? Was it a marriage only for labels and social status ? Was I not suffering the same drama in my relationship? Where was the flaw? It never occurred to me my consciousness and childhood imprints were manifesting before my eyes. My relationship with Father, the relationship between my parents , was all influencing my relationship , not once but many a times!

Call it for a…. Self Actualization

Yes I was a run away bride!!!… though after 7 yrs of waiting. I finally took a plunge to call it quits, I didn’t feel it necessary to endure what my mother had endured. Fortunately I had no kids just the baggage with empty bank balance and empty hands. Looking forward, to a new life beyond the four walls beyond this marital knot which held no meaning no worth no sacredness of two bodies and one soul!

Maybe I was too idealistic

Maybe I was too demanding

……..but then I had made my decision I wasn’t letting my Life slip by to please the world. I knew walking out wouldn’t be any easier with no moral or financial support, no one to my rescue as all wanted to save their reputation in the society who fed nothing only to speak behind our backs with little or no knowledge!

Destined to Doom?? Really???

And as they say Aaurat Teri Yehi Kahani…Like every woman ,  we have to face the bruise, shame, contempt or stay locked indoors in a dead marriage.

Divorce rates are escalating , no it’s not always a Man’s Fault . It’s so much that goes into shaping our future relationships , the choices we make , the attraction we feel , the type of men that attracts our attention , It all begins from the family , parenting , the love seen and felt in childhood etc . Well, whatever I had made a choice to Move On..blaming none resenting nothing , letting others come to terms with my decision in time to come . I Breath the fresh air the freedom to BE ME …to Love Myself without Shame or Guilt! And what followed thereafter was not an easy battle but it was worth it all…

How much long you want to  suffer in your life?

We walk with our face in the front, likewise to move on in life there is no need to look back. Nevertheless there remains a need to learn to Heal the Past which holds the key to Enter into a  Whole New World, where there are no regrets but Joy and Love to Embrace without the reminiscences of the past to haunt or linger…

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