About Me

Shivanya Yogmayaa

Relationship & Intimacy Coach

About Me -A woman with a Zest & Quest for Life & Love. One who wants to enjoy the finer things of life! Quite like a colourful butterfly who wants to taste the nectar of life. I love to explore Inner & External World through Positive Attitude & faith in God’s plan.

My Belief – Purpose of living on this earth is making a difference, transforming and evolving constantly.

Desire – To touch the hearts of people while spreading the message of compassion n forgiveness.

Professional Background – Certified Relationship Coach with Holistic Certificates in Hypnotherapy NLP CBT EFT Chakra Reiki Crystals

Online Counselling

Resolve your Relationship & Intimacy Issue.Overcome  Conflict Anxiety stress Depression.Recovering from heartbreaks & breakup.We can assist you all the way

Image Makeover

 Dating is an art which few only know.Wooing a woman needs more skills and grooming styles too boast confidence.Book online or join our live workshops

Certified Program

Become a Relationship Coach or Parenting Coach.If you have passion to guide emotional and mental challenges and transform lives

Client Reviews


She is very experienced and skilled in her work , she shows you the proper image of emotional life to you , and remind you whatever you lost about yourself in your life , and beyond all mentioned above she is very kind with a beautiful heart full of love . Dear Shivanya im very happy to have met you.


Shivanya, you are a powerful personality and you have a unique style, insight and perfect ability to connect with me, where am really at, inspiring and nurturing me to move me in the right direction.You are a miraculous coach and mentor, fully dedicated to improving my personal and professional life. All my best to you.


I know Shivanya from the last 3yrs. She is a divine lady. She is very committed to her work, always ready to help people in whatever way she can. A wonderful human being, friend and philosopher. I am truly blessed to be a part of her life