BLAME GAME… Never Let’s You Win


Blame Game….

Never Let’s You Win!

Whether you are the Victim or Victimizer Blame Game will Fail You!

Own your Power…Set Your Boundaries

Know Your Responsibilities …Act On It

Don’t Cry Over the Past…Bring Your Awareness in the Now

Don’t Let Someone Overpower You…Voice Your Truth

Don’t Narrow Your Focus…See Both the Side of the Picture

Don’t Remain in Denial…Own Your Shadow

Don’t React Impulsively…Reflect On the Triggers

Don’t Criticize…Empathize To Find Win Win Solutions

Don’t Argue to Win…Rather Agree to Disagree

Don’t Become a Fault Finder…Be Human Else It will Drain You

Don’t Allow Slow Poisoning….Choose a Counsellor Before It’s too Late!

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