Couple Intimacy


Intimacy is the sheer closeness and love two people share. It plays a vital role in well being of a person. As it can help you feel less alone, more loved and less vulnerable. Intimacy demands trust and openness.

Types of Intimacy

Intimacy is often associated with sexual relationship but in real it can have four forms. Intimacy can be in different form for different people.

Intellectual Intimacy

This type of intimacy is observed between people who share same mindset, they can exchange their thoughts very comfortably with each other. They enjoy the similarities and differences in thoughts they share.

Experiential Intimacy

In this people get actively involved in doing an activity together. It is not necessary to be confined to a couple it can be between a group also. Like improv contact movement or silent dance. This allows people to discover their own interest and energy flow intuitively.

Emotional Intimacy

When two people can share their feelings with each other without any fear of being judged it is referred to as emotional intimacy. People who share this type of intimacy not only share their feelings openly but also empathise with each other’s feelings.

Sexual Intimacy

Trusting your partner and feeling, comfortable, loved, respected and safe with them is what sexual intimacy involves. It is observed that during sex people let down their emotional guards. Even “cuddle hormone” oxytocin triggers feelings of connectedness that allows partners to be vulnerable and establish trust which deepens their love.

Indicators of lack of Intimacy in a Relationship

  • Lack of honest and continued communication
  • Carrying out task together is a burden
  • No affinity or attraction towards each other
  • You do not enjoy each other’s company and tend to choose other people over him/her
  • Avoid eye to eye communication
  • Each other presence doesn’t make you feel comfortable.
  • Lack of privacy in your relationship
  • Your relationship has no direction and you do not see a future together
  • The relationship is just based to please society and not each other personally

The above reason can be due to various reasons but the most common reason is if one of the partners has fear of Intimacy.

What is Fear of Intimacy?

Some people fear intimacy. They find it very difficult to be intimate with a person or group. They often have subconscious fear of getting very close to a person which may badly affect their personal relationship.
Fear of intimacy is often associated with past trauma, fear of rejection and other negative thoughts. The feeling of loosing someone you dearly love can also cause fear of getting too close to that person.
Common Ways People Distance Themselves

  • They withhold their feelings and do not show affection
  • They react negatively to a positive acknowledgment
  • They do not trust their partners
  • They do not show any interest in sexual activities
  • They start judging their partner

How to Overcome a Fear of Intimacy?

Fear of Intimacy can be overcome with intimacy counselling. It helps you manage your stress, depression, anger, and sexual issues.
Face to face, online, and e mail therapy will help you find better ways to deal with the issues you are facing. Intimacy Counselling will personalise therapy for your individual circumstances.
Everyone struggles with problems at some stage of their life. Whether you are Single or a Committed Couple ….WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU.