Emotional Wellbeing For Women

In this modern world, high stress and competition continually take their toll on the health and self-esteem of every individual on an almost daily basis. Due to negative feedback, pressures and expectations from parents, peers, teachers or bosses, each one of us is weighed down by depression, anger, grief, fear or anxiety to varying degrees at some point in life. Some of us are able to shrug these off but most of us are pinned down by these negative emotions and beliefs. They inhibit our thoughts, actions and expressions in subtle and obvious ways. And if these negative emotions are carried on for long, they show up physically and come up as physical or mental illness or disease. Over a period of time, this accumulated baggage may trigger cravings or addictions, physiological changes, contributing to stress and stress-induced diseases.

Here is something astonishing – if we are facing any kind of discomfort in our lives – whether it be physical, emotional or mental – most of the times, there is a significant emotional cause behind that discomfort and until we clear that emotional cause we will not be able to fully recover or come out from that situation.

There are various methods for releasing or diluting negative emotions especially in the field of Energy Healing, which addresses disruptions, congestions or imbalance in the subtle energies in the body. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to take back your control of life and to attract abundance and well being. EFT is based on the ancient system of acupuncture, but does not involve any needles or invasive technique.

EFT has been used effectively by common people, healers and even medical doctors in 60+ countries and demonstrated success with personal improvement, physical and emotional healing in thousands of individuals…


EFT-Managing Emotions for Self Empowerment
Freedom from Anger

Freedom from Procastination
Freedom from Self Judgement
Freedom from Feeling Stuck
Freedom from Low self esteem
Freedom from Stress

Empowering Questions to Overcome Your Challenges and Limited Beliefs
Eft Statements & Affirmation for :-
Goals & Success
Magnificent Self
Creative Visualization & Vision Board …Recreate Yourself …Your Life!!!

Women Who Dare …
Women Willing to Take Back Their Power
Women Who Wants to Realize Her Strength
Women Who Wants to Live Queensize!
Women Who Are Willing to Letgo which No Longer Serves Her
Women Who Wants Make A Difference

Desire to outgrow and let go what is no more favourable for your well-being

All you need is …Yourself…Open mind and Willingness

A NEW YOU…A NEW LIFE …Re-Paint The Canvas of Your Life with Your Dreams !

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