Loneliness is experienced by everyone at one point or the other in their Life. It is a feeling of emptiness or hollowness inside you. I know Loneliness Hurts!!!

Loneliness Can Hit You At Any Age

It can hit you at any age. Loneliness and being Alone is a different state of emotions. It’s Different from choosing to be Alone and enjoying one’s own company. Loneliness may creep in as a feeling after a massive Break-up or as an outcome of Relocation to a new city or country.

Loneliness may also be due to loss of a partner / family member

Loneliness may be also due to loss of partner or a family member whom you were emotionally very attached.

Whatever may have caused your feeling of Loneliness, we still have a way to come out of it,sooner the better . If not dealt with Loneliness issues it can become very detrimental to your mental, emotional and physical well being.

Good news is Loneliness is just a feeling Not a Fact!!!

Recognize The Feelings and Accept It

To stop feeling lonely, we first must accept that we are feeling lonely. Sometimes admitting that to ourselves is difficult. It’s always better to pick one of these:

  • Journal in a diary
  • Express it as an Imaginary letter to Self
  • Colouring Your Emotions on a Canvas
  • Pour it as a Poem
  • Script a Song
  • Share with a Counselor

Witnessing Emotions Helps

Witnessing Emotions process can enable much more in resolving it. Expressing our feelings might lead us to discover that what we are feeling is related to a number of things which might be connected to our feelings of loneliness, including rejection, loss , sadness, anger and frustration. We might be able to see where these feelings are coming from and how are they connected to our lives. As we begin to see the connections we will be begin  to make changes.



Let’s Find Ways To Overcome Loneliness :-

Reach out!!!Dating Sites are not the only way to Find New Friends or A Lover!!!

  1. Get a Grip Over Your Emotions through Positive Self Talk
  2. Explore Yourself through Dance Workshops in Town
  3. Join New Clubs
  4. Hit the Gym
  5. Support as a Volunteer for an NGO
  6. Find New Interest Groups on Meetup.com
  7. Photography Workshop can Be Fun
  8. Get a Makeover and Go Partying
  9. Get in Touch with Lost Friends
  10. Be Compassionate Reach out to Orphanage
  11. Let Old Homes be Your Extended Family
  12. Book a Group Travel Package
  13. Learn Some New Skills
  14. Learn a New Language
  15. Learn a Musical Instrument Let Music Speak to You.
  16. Create Your Meetup Group or Facebook Group
  17. Get a Pet or Adopt a Street Kitten or Pup
  18. Morning Jog can Be Fun to Kick Start Your Day!
  19. Unleash Your Talent Inspire Others!
  20. Sport a Sport!~Swimming Badminton Tennis Golf..

Last but not the least Consider a Therapy! Counseling is something that is healthy and proactive that can help you overcome the self-defeating behaviors that exacerbate loneliness. With the support of a therapist, you can change your thinking and relationship patterns and achieve the life you want!

Life is Full of Choices…Life is a Playground…Life is Abundantly at Your Service!

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