ARE YOU A LOVE MAGNET ?… But your Love story never has a happy ending?

Let’s not blame the Karma nor the man or the other woman who stole your lover away…

No doubt it is frustrating and heart-breaking to find yourself in a pattern of unfulfilling and unhealthy relationships which leaves you hurt, confused, angry, sad, unhopeful or devastated. Sometimes making you wonder why you keep repeating the same patterns in your relationships…Alcoholic Sexaholic Workaholic Womanizers Emotionally Unavailable or Unstable!

The Charmer, Player, Casanova who wooed you off your feet may one day leave you clueless while he chases another babe in town. And you may be blown apart beyond your own imagination, leaving you in tears and cherished memories that now seem fake!

Most of us desire stability, certainty, reliability and safety which comes from a nurturing long-term relationship. However, when we experience that spark and attraction in that first glance, it comes from conflicting desires such as the mystery of the unknown, dangerous & forbidden passion, risky adventures, majorly the unexpected and unpredictable exposure from the boredom of familiar grounds and partners.


Recognizing & Understanding Patterns are crucial part of Breaking free.

  • You have low self-esteem:- Living a set life guided by the whims and fancies of the world, you tend to not discover your potential as a human being and what you have to offer. Hence, you start feeling that you are not worth a right partner or deserve better. On the other hand, you might also feel that you are using the relationship for seeking appreciation or approval from your partner. This may not last long and bring an end to the relationship. Hence, it’s important to know your worth before getting into any relationship else you may be emotionally fooled.
  • You are afraid of being alone:- If you have closely observed yourself, it is possible that you feel scared to live alone and this zone doesn’t feel comfortable. It may seem that getting into a relationship would be easier than being single. You may also feel desperate to settle soon because of this stemming fear.
  • You are afraid of commitment:- If you find yourself jumping from one relationship to another, you probably are afraid of long-term commitment. When it comes to enjoying in the moment, it seems pretty comfortable. But it becomes a nightmare if your partner asks you for a commitment more so if it threatens your sense of freedom.
  • You think you can change him:- Even when you are ready for a commitment, you may not find all the qualities and behaviours in your partner according to your wish. Hence, you may start poking him for the things you want him to change. And the relationship goes for a toll. After all, who wants to be in control!
  • Your priorities are out of whack:- When you look for various aspects in a partner, look for what you value the most. He might not be a millionaire yet could understand you and bring the best out of a relationship. Are his looks on your top priority or just an ecstatic physical attraction? If you are looking for meaningful, subtler relationship, it’s important to let go of superfluous priorities. You need to understand what are those non-negotiables or relationship deal breakers which you are seeking for.
  • You don’t pay attention to red flags:- Because you are so emotionally attached to your partner, you may not be able to see why the relationship can’t work out and why He is not The One. He might be treating you badly or manipulate you from his sugar-coated words and yet you will be in a state where you will overlook these signals because “Love is Blind” yet not so blind that you manage to not pay attention to the danger zone.
  • You are programmed from childhood:- If you have been brought up in a family which was dysfunctional, you might attract similar traits in your partner as the parent of opposite sex. You might have also gone through childhood trauma which plays like a recorder in your subconscious mind if not healed at the right moment.
  •  You have a relationship pattern that is hard to break:- You might be attracting the same kind of partner over and over again and yet not satisfied. It happens because of a pattern inside you which is attracting the same kind of person. For eg, If you are an empath, you may attract a narcissist n number of times unless you recognise this and work hard on yourself to break free from such a toxic relationship.
  • You might be looking for men in the wrong places:- If you continue sticking to the same dating pool, websites, friends etc where you found all the wrong guys, it’s highly improbable that you will find the right one. Hence, change the places where you look for men for dating.
  • You have been hurt in your previous relationships and you are not able to Let go:- Because none of your previous relationships worked out, it doesn’t mean that one should lose hope and continue living in that pain. The law of attraction works on your energy vibrations which you send out in the world. Hence, it is very important to heal and clear of your energy blockages so that you are ready to receive new, fresh and healthy relationships in your life

Don’t give up! You can learn to attract the “RIGHT” man. This may mean changing yourself and much of your past baggage & beliefs. Let’s take a ” U ” Turn and BEGIN ANEW!

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