Its True and sad to say that we are looking for cheap and new thrills in the lust driven modern society. Somewhere the humanity is losing touch with their heart and soul….Many have become puppets to their Instincts and Impulses than adhering to their commitments and values. Somewhere we have all lost our way in the fast paced materialistic world.

Nobody has time to take time to know another. Everyone wants to cherish lustful moments alone. It’s my place or your place? That’s what the dating scenes have come to. No space for romance nor time for meaningful conversations. Each-one wants to control another or soon they find themselves replacing with another to meet their selfish needs. Today we play mind-games and make lucid dialogues to woo the partner with no sincere desire or intentions to building a lasting relationship. Romance which was only between the eyes and unspoken words are now bold and loud.

Love is just a play …in Disguise of Lust! Even the marital sites that promises a bride and groom of your dreams has become dangerous and romance scammers! No one can trust another. With every heartbreak we are building walls around our heart, fearing to surrender in full, in future ever again. We look with eyes of doubting mind at another. Even married couples are unsure what’s happening behind their back…Trusting in today’s world has become even harder with so much temptations lurking at work and everywhere. No one has time to pause or to reflect their feelings or impulses.  Walking into another man’s arms or woman’s seduction has become the place for solace…Or should I say an Escape? Who has the time to talk things through with their beloved whom they first adored. Who wants to let go of the forbidden fruit in the closet and stolen moments , stealing time in illusionary love.

The need for being committed for lifetime is now an obsolete intent. Everything is fleeting and flowing , with new faces to wakeup to every weekend . Anyone who is willing to rock and roll under the cover or in the office cabin or inside the lift, with another man’s wife or husband and if you got luckier maybe with a single ready to mingle….No strings attached! Women of today are feeling empowered with more rights and freedom granted , but haven’t we taken on more burden and lost our feminine grace? Sexually Liberated Mars & Venus have forgotten the meaning of Loyalty! Infidelity and one night stands have become easier than keeping up the vow!

And why should men of today even choose to commit when they can have it all…with no sense of responsibilities of another and lifetime commitment when they can please themselves every now and then with new faces. Anyways man by nature was designed to spill his beans and women to nurture in exchange of protection and provisions. But as we know it civilization and marriage set the tone of the society.

But I wonder what if marriage is faulty and unnatural ? What if we were meant to be living in a bizarre and barbarian fashion. But wouldn’t that call for more chaos, more diseases and pain? Not to say the least no security and structure too. Are we men and women , not getting lost and astray?

Isn’t it time to reassess our values , beliefs and choices we are making?

Isn’t it time to make some compromises and sacrifices to value what we have?

Isn’t it time we nourish our relationships than be carried away by fatal attractions?

Isn’t it time we see the extraordinary in the ordinary with new perspective?

Isn’t it time we find ways to fall in love with the same person all over again?

Isn’t it time to know and appreciate the differences for deeper bonding?

Isn’t time we change our priorities and manage time for our relationships than be lost in the rat race of ever demanding materialistic life?

Isn’t it time we look into each others eyes than the text messages on facebook and whatsapp?

Isn’t time we move from digital virtual world to real life human touch and interactions?

Isn’t it time we recognize the beauty and fruitfulness of lasting commitments against all odds?

Isn’t it time to break free from hook up breakup cycles ?

Isn’t time to stop wandering and fishing for love outdoors and face our challenges?

Isn’t time to Wake up to Real Love?




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    Thank u very much

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