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Dating & Marital Online Scammers Nuances

Unfortunately with the rising popularity of marital match making sites and dating sites the number of reported online dating scams has grown alarmingly!No doubt fraudsters are everywhere, both online and offline. This revelation isn’t meant to shock you but to warn you before it’s too late. Many men and women who can’t find the love of their lives in real life often choose to embark on online dating apps or sites. Yes, dating scammers do exist, but we can be wise to detect early on.

A man in his late fifties met a beautiful thirty year old woman online. After a few conversations the man absolutely fell head over heels in love with this woman. They frequently chatted online but she said that she was too shy to converse on phone or to appear on a video call.
They soon developed a very intimate online connections and after 2 years long relationship, he proposed to her. In this period he had sent her more than $200,000.  She told him that it was really difficult for her to move to the place that he was living in because of a lot of cultural and financial restraints.  He reached out to the police to provide him with some clarity and help. They found the woman but she was not who he claimed her to be. The woman was a victim of identity theft and the man was found to be scammed by someone from South Africa who stole the woman’s pictures and used them for catfishing.

In such cases the victim are left broke, both emotionally and financially.

Similar thing happened to a lady who was divorced for couple of years and was battling being single Mom. She created a profile on Marital site choosing to resettle as the pressure from family and age was catching up too. She sorted few profiles that she liked but one man caught her attention who appeared as a good soul with handsome face and loving heart. But as time passed by the sweet romantic messages started to become demanding of money on certain pretext of being caught in crisis. He promised to land in India and sweep her off her feet. However now she wondered if this man was for Real or Fake as he even never came on voice calls but was willing to marry without even seeing her personally.

Her mind and heart struggled whether she should send money and wait on him. After being nudged, she send him money with hope of finding love.  Soon to her shock the man disappeared on the site as well on her whatsapp leaving her feeling betrayed.

Such incidents have become extremely frequent after people have started looking for a partner online. People try to approach other people using tinder, facebook even sites like which are not as safe as we assume them to be. 

Beware romance scammers will profess strong emotions or feelings for you just after a few conversations.  They will show appreciation and admiration to your kindness and generous side of your personality, asking for money to help them overcome a make-believe unfortunate financial crisis or situation trap.

For saving people from such fraudulent  behaviours, I have listed few strategy they apply to attract and trap innocent vulnerable soulmate seekers.


 1.The people who catfish often have the tendency to approach first and are very open and flirtatious from the very beginning.

2. The location described by them is usually wrong and one can check for the accent of the region if they agree for a phone call.

3. After a while, a Catfish will tell you an emotional story where they might be facing some sort of financial trouble and would ask you for the help.

4. You can always do an image search for the person that you are chatting with and see if there exist another profile with the same photo.

Remember that the people catfishing are often from different countries and it’s difficult to charge them once you have been scammed.


Always follow these instructions while you are interacting with someone online:

1. If you actually planning to date the person, talk to them on phone and definitely have a video call. Confirm the identity as best as you can.

2. Never transfer any money no matter how difficult the situation is for the person, at least till your relationship is online. It is very common for online scammers to ask for financial support after they believe they have successfully trapped you emotionally.

3. Never and I cannot stress this one enough! Never send nude pics or videos to the person you have fallen for. It will easily inspire a series of blackmail.

4. Meet the people in person, do a decent background check and then decide how and where you want to take things.

5. Ask a lot of questions about the person’s personal life, including job and family. If the person is not making up a story, he should have no problem answering them.

6. Trust your instincts and gut. Remember that if it feels like someone is manipulating you, then don’t doubt.

7. When you ask questions that dig a little deeper into something they’ve shared with you and they get triggered take that as a huge red flag.

8. Asking personal or professional info is not being intrusive. However if your date becomes defensive or challenges you by saying that you don’t trust them, know that you are not wrong to enquire.

Remember, with the ease of finding a good partner easily online, it is easy to get tricked into the honey traps that may damage you in multiple ways. Use technology to connect but also take all the precautions to ensure your own safety.

Go fish for your perfect mate in the sea of possibilities, just ensure that you don’t become as easy catch for a Catfish.

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