Sexless Marriage-A Lie


Sex is an important Ingredient of every healthy marriage or lasting relationships. We are Physical Beings who like cuddles touches kisses orgasms as a natural expression of physical intimacy. It is the innate primal desire by nature for Co-creation!

To consider sexless marriage when one wants it and another does not it can be very depressing and emotionally tormenting. However, some rare couples are there in Universe who have mutually agreed upon Sexless Marriage for multiple reasons known to them. They are comfortable being like friends displaying affection and nurturing care with zero complaints. But the majority are Living a DEAD MARRIAGE with NO SEX Just dutiful acts towards each other.



The problem arises when two partners have mismatched libidos! One of the partners may be suffering from some psychological issue or trauma unaddressed.  Or they are influenced by media or movies and are judging their own bodies. For men, it may be about the performance issue. The fear of not being able to satisfy their partner. Sometimes it could be the religious impact of shame and guilt. And surprisingly it could be the incest issue that had never been resolved. The hatred for Sex can be the natural consequence if they were mistreated or raped.  Thus leaving them cold and numb to respond to their partners.


In truth for many women sexual desire may diminish if they are feeling neglected or unloved in their relationship. And for many men the loss of sexual need may be due to an underlying physical problem such as erectile dysfunction or pain during intercourse. If this continues the Sexual frustration will flare up tearing the relationship apart.

Although some of you may have reconciled with a sexless marriage for the short-term, taking eachother and physical intimacy for granted can be a costly affair! It is important to understand and realize that Relationship needs Sexual Nurturing not only to keep the Relationship but also for Emotional Physical & Spiritual wellbeing too!

Things that wont help your sexless Relationship:

  • Forcing them into sexual act
  • Manipulating physical intimacy
  • Trying porn to stimulate
  • Becoming emotionally aggressive
  • Ignoring real root cause
  • Blaming eachother


  • Ask yourself and your partner why sex has gone out of the window
  • Have an Open Communication of your Fantasies and Needs.
  • Don’t Blame your partner for it completely, instead ask How were you Responsible for it too
  • As a Teammate make the commitment to fix your intimacy issues
  • To begin with Initiate with Holding hands &  Cuddling more often
  • Make Romantic Moves when you are away at work, send each other Sexy Love notes
  • Create an Environment for Arousal have a shower together or massage each other
  • Look Attractive to each-other and make Fitness your Daily Mantra
  • Stop being  Clingy or Needy!  It makes you unattractive!
  • Reinvent yourself as an individual identity by following your own interests, hobbies and passion
  • Detox Your Relationship by Releasing the Bitterness, Anger, Resentment and Judgement
  • Treat each other with Compassion, Kindness, and Affection.
  • Practice Forgiveness in Marriage/Relationship
  • Play Naughty Sex Games
  • Celebrate Life Together
  • Attend a Couple Retreat
  • Seek  Professional Cou

    nselling if need be to Resolve your issues with mature Understanding & Reflection

Identifying and Understanding the REASONS FOR SEXLESS MARRIAGE

Don’t Allow Slow Poisoning….Choose a Counsellor Before It’s too Late!


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  1. Ranmal jain says:

    Very good points, if followed married life can be full of a very happy and happening journey together.

    1. Thanks a lot also organizing Couple Holistic Inner Bonding in Bangalore and Goa 🙂

  2. Radhe says:

    The article is amazing and show the reality of Indian couples but it can be cured, which is more important. I am sure Couple Holistic Inner Bonding can change life forever of partners.

  3. Sudeep Kr Singh says:

    A well articulated thought! So I feel I must contribute! Over a period of time, physical intimacy takes a back seat, not for lack of love or respect or desire for sex but primarily due to boredom. One may say that boredom must not lead to nor it can justify seeking sex outside the boundaries of marriage however a counterpunto lies in the biological fact that a man (or a woman) is essentially an animal which is promiscuous by nature though domesticated due to social obligations and constraints !

    These are just a thought and I’d be happy if readers are not judgemental!

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