Mirroring You

“Each relationship you have with another person reflects the relationship you have with yourself.” – Alice Deville. MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, WHO IS THERE? …. THE BEST OF ME THAT I SHINE FORTH OR THE WORST OF ME THAT I HIDE FROM? You love what is reflected back to you that you love within…


Real Talk…Real Issues… Many of Us Play Victim in the Relationship… Many Of Us Forget to Acknowledge Our Own Power… Many Of Us Fail to Recognize Our Own Intelligence… Many Of Us Allow Others To Rule Our Lives… Many Of Us Deny Ourselves The Optimal Living… Is That Someone You? Would You Like to Release…


When you Heal, Relationships Heal! Let me gently guide you if you are willing to embark on a Journey into Love!

Art Of Conscious Dating

Let’s get talking the Do’s & Dont’s about Dating
Why does the Player or Charmer always get Lucky…
How to make a Lasting Impact…On a Blind Date!

Relationships & You

Is The Institution of Marriage Dying? Should We Really Let It Die…or Keep It Alive …share your view points

A Runaway Bride….

A voice began to run in my head…chanting like a mantra … Run Away if You Want to Survive!!!

Is Your Relationship Toxic?

When you can’t seem to leave even though you feel totally miserable..Let’s Check the Signs Of Toxic Relationship