Voice of a Divorcee


Life wasn’t easy when I chose to cross over from marital knot to singlehood again! It took a toll on me emotionally! But choosing to stay stuck in a dead or dysfunctional marriage could have been worse! So pat on my back with or without the approval of my parents I chose to follow my heart and mind! I know I brought them unexpected jolt when I announced my decision! After all, they had me married for happily ever after reasons …But some marriages don’t last a Life Time and that’s OKAY!!!

Woman and Megaphone

However Here’s My Note to You….                                       

Yes, I am a Divorcee but am NOT AVAILABLE!

Yes, I am a Divorcee but NOT LOOKING FOR A LAY!

Yes, I am a Divorcee but NO I DON’T NEED U TO PUSH MY BUTTONS!


….. Don’t ask me the colour of my panty but instead Ask Me How You Can Colour My World!

…..Don’t bother to be my One Night Lover if you can’t be my Friend Enough!

…..Don’t show me your Lustful Self, coz that won’t Rock My World!

…..Don’t treat me like a Slut as that tells a Lot about You!

….. Just coz my marriage didn’t work doesn’t mean it won’t work again!

….Just coz I am having fun don’t assume I am looking for Another Match!

….. Just coz you are happily married doesn’t mean I am Jealous of You!

…..Just coz I am open to dating doesn’t mean I am looking for One Night Stand!

……Just coz I am going through a phase doesn’t mean I am never gonna overcome!

…..And Dear Mom & Dad just coz I chose to Divorce….Don’t Divorce Me!

…..And Dear Bro & Sis just coz I chose to Divorce ….Don’t Treat Me Like a Stranger!

……And Dear Relatives & Near Dear Ones just coz I chose to Divorce….Don’t Talk Behind My Back!

Marriage is not the end of all…so don’t cry for me!  And I don’t have to shed tears every night in the dead silence of the night anymore nor be compelled to Live a Lie…. For I choose to Breathe and Smile…. Coz I Am Enough!

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  1. Lee says:

    So well written, more power to you my lady. Lots of love!

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