Post Break-Up Counselling



Breaking Up is not easy after an intimate affair or long term invested relationship whether in Marriage or Live- In. Life suddenly turns our world around for something, we were not aware nor prepared! The pain and hurt can prolong if we don’t deal with it timely.  The scars can go deeper if unaddressed with care. And living in denial is even more tormenting. However, we need someone to comfort us or counsel us compassionately through this phase. The only way to rise above depression, anger, loss or sadness is learning how to Move On after BREAK-UP!

                                          WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO MOVE ON

  • Know that you are not alone.
  • Know that your reactions and emotions are normal
  • Understand that recovery is a natural time taking phase so don’t try to rush or numb your feelings.
  • Acknowledge your pain and surround yourself with comforting friends.
  • Take time out if you need to. Even take Off from Work if possible.
  • Get a new perspective to Self
  • Don’t make hasty or rash decision to escape the pain
  • Seeking the family and friends support is important. Don’t isolate yourself
  • Alcohol Drugs or Suicidal plans will not rescue you rather seek Professional Counsellor than indulging in self-destructive activities
  • Break Up does Not mean the End of the World. It’s just another Beginning.

Reach Out before it’s too late! Counseling can Redirect Your Life and Open New Possibilities!  To Begin a New Journey into Love…

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