Client Reviews



I consider Shivanya was God sent in my life when I was rock bottom and at cross roads. There was just chaos in my mind. I was in knots and confused. Fearful, anxious, nervous and lonely. Shivanya helped me get in touch with myself by healing me so that I could connect with the inner me and be decisive. She step-by-step sailed with me throughout my confusion. She was always there within reach, so I felt supported and cared for. She very conscientiously played the role of being my lifeguard, anchor and mentor. I am thankful to her from the bottom body my heart for being so caring and understanding me during this bad patch in my life. God bless 



Married since 5 years, I was living in absolute bliss. But unfortunately, it did not last very long. My husband and I were going through a very rough patch and separation seemed the only way out. That's when I decided to chat with Latika, to give my situation a new point of view. Her positive energy and perspective towards relationships a was pleasing and natural. We, my husband and I, were able to solve the issues between us, we decided to give each other another chance. With God's grace and Latika's practical consultation, we are able to communicate well and found our lost intimacy. We are stronger than ever! Thank you for coming into my life at the right time and helping me receive this new found love in my marriage. You are amazing, please keep doing what you do the best - Spread Love. 


What a wonderful session that was Shivanya ! Thank you for your insight and sharing your personal experiences and those tips you gave us I am going to apply in my personal life.It all makes sense now. I look forward to the next sessions.Great stuff.. Blessings


Shivanya comes with a unique understanding of human relationships & the maturity to handle complex issues in a very simple & realistic manner. She not only listens to what is told but also understands the untold. Her Couple Compatibility analysis reports are so close to reality that sometimes to the extent of being brutally transparent, that helps us look into our inner self for answers to most of our situations & behaviours. Her patience during counselling is commendable, she has helped me fight my own relationship issues with my spouse in a very pragmatic way! Am now all smiles & look forward to a life full of love, joy & happiness! Thank you Shivanya - May God bless you!


I met you when I was literally stuck in my life. As I was undergoing hell of a lot of confusions to take any step further in life. I always say you came as a blessing in my life and I got encourage to move further in my life. One of the most sweetest and humble and also honest person I ever met . Thanks darling for changing me for the better!


Shivanya I do not know how to thank you for the journey thus far. I came to you seeking help where past events were being triggered by some current ones and how that was bringing up anger. Using EFT and inner child healing, I was amazed to see how all the issues were related to unresolved past emotional trauma. It went back to the time of my life which I did not even think was important and had chosen to forget , rather undigested and put away. Through the journey together we delved into so many other areas, which I would have never allowed anyone to see. The safe space you gave me, made it so easy to allow you to enter those dark places of my life and allowed you to help me heal and move beyond my wounds to work on empowering myself using the very same wounds that had caused various roadblocks for me. Thank you once again for being such a wonderful coach!


I'm really thankful for all the support you've given me in these days. Like to be very honest when we initially started this, i had this mindset that this isn't gonna work out for me. I was so negative. But then i started feeling the changes, Like I feel totally boosted up for all what i want in my life. Like for a long time I had been feeling very dull, like a part of me had slept or died, and i have been noticing significant changes, that I'm really going back to what originally I am. I'm so so thankful for all the love and trust you showed, and how calmly you handled my issues


I came across Shivanya 's blog and felt genuine and trustworthy, where I got the opportunity to contact her. I had discussed my problems with her, and she given the direction without judging me. She is carrying so much knowledge to understand the root of the problem and provide clear guidance. She gave me couple of solutions, definitely I will follow it. Last not least, I really felt positivity and happiness after talking to her.


Shivanya  dear thank you for your insight on ” Journey into ” The session was wonderful, friendly with a personal touch. I am going to apply a few tips in my personal life with a hope for changes! Looking forward for your sessions. God bless!


This program was really Unique and she went into great detail with all the topics  Some of the things she told are so simple and effective and the Videos were just Mind Blowing.. I was really happy to attend this program and hope she Creates Many more such Innovative and Fun Programs


It was a fabulous event today. Most productive Sunday I’ve ever had in years. Loved and enjoyed every moment of AXE EFFECT for MEN !!! I can’t thank you enough for guiding me on a path to discover my hidden “Gentlemanly” traits. You truly rock ! I sincerely wish and hope that many people be touched by your charismatic aura. Cheers galore !!


I know Shivanya from the last 3yrs. She is a divine lady. She is very committed to her work, always ready to help people in whatever way she can. A wonderful human being, friend and philosopher. I am truly blessed to be a part of her life


The sessions with you have been extremely liberating and helpful . They have given me new perspectives and made me do deeds that i would have never thought of and have all worked out for the best . I am extremely fortunate that i got connected with you because it was great help at a time when there was only turmoil . The sessions provided me with peace and I could feel the energy flowing me within my chakras especially my heart Chakra. I felt good and liberated .Thankyou for all your help! Tons of love and light to you


Thank You so much for your valuable insight, guidance you gave me!! You’re a excellent relationship coach with down to earth, honest and compassionate qualities. You have many great ideas, own sound judgement, and very talented that inspire us! You’re a blessing for many people including me. May the divinity bless upon you!! You’re Amazing!!! ” You are really a very beautiful soul!! Take care, keep smiling