Marital Bliss

Marital Bliss –RENEW UR ROMANCE & VOWS!   All marriages begin with great happiness, joy, and hope. When we say “I do,” we expect that our marriage will last forever. It doesn’t matter how grand the marriage was. What matters is what follows next. Am sure you will agree to the same! But alas as soon as…

Together & Yet Apart

Married and yet not together, this could be your story too. It’s becoming even more common now living life as strangers under the same roof. No way to escape nor ever found a way to bridge the marital issues. Living a lie until death do us apart became their only way of lifeless life. We…

Older Women & Younger Men

Age is only a number! Am sure many women have heard that before but only few men could live that phrase! Younger men and older women attraction leaves them panting for more with no space nor time to think rationally. And it’s not a new story, rather it’s  been all along, only now, out in…

Online Dating

Dating & Marital Online Scammers Nuances Unfortunately with the rising popularity of marital match making sites and dating sites the number of reported online dating scams has grown alarmingly!No doubt fraudsters are everywhere, both online and offline. This revelation isn’t meant to shock you but to warn you before it’s too late. Many men and…

Conflicting Personality Couples

Many couples married or unmarried have expressed their frustration due to differences in their personality and approach to life. Even their love expressions  differ far too much. However many fail to understand how to bridge the gap or appreciate their differences as strength. In Jane Austen’s novel, “Sense and Sensibility”, Marianne was looking for a…

Art Of Dating

Art Of Dating, Dating can be fun & exciting but struggle-some for few. Not knowing how to start a conversation or how to ask for a date can leave you feeling helpless. And maybe, some of you are wondering how to create a personal profile on a dating app or site. While other few are…

Smartphones & Dying Relationship

SMARTPHONES are Breaking More Real Time Relationships than Connecting us with near dear ones!  True or False? Let’s Reflect… Would you enjoy a distracted eye gaze and attention when sitting or lying next to eachother? Isn’t it stealing your quality and valuable time together? Isn’t sneaking your partner’s phone gallery or chats only to shock…

Co-Dependency Trappings

 Many are unaware that they are crippled in Co-dependent Relationships whether as friends, lovers or parents. Sacrificing & Victim-hood role plays, one being a Giver / Supporter against all odds and another seeking mercy, fearing responsibility or strength of their own life issues. EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS OF CO-DEPENDENT RELATIONSHIPS   A need for Approval and Recognition…

Wounded Childhood

Wounds hurts but the Good News is what has injured you is an opportunity that contains the seeds of your liberation! As parents we shape the lives of our children …and as children we borrowed much from our parents as role models.  A trauma with your mother or father is addressed as a “wound” because…

Couple Intimacy Coaching

Consciousness about Sex Intimacy & Wholesome Relationship is an education even most educated individuals & couples need it.  As a Relationship Coach, my belief is that everyone has the right to explore, express and experiment with what arouses, excites and satisfies them for a fulfilling relationship.                     …



I had a opportunity to get my numerology reading from Shivanya, it was quite elaborate and I could resonate with what she said about career, relationships and life path. It was quite informative and one can take important decisions based on her recommendations.

Lakshmi T

I met you when I was literally stuck in my life. As I was undergoing hell of a lot of confusions to take any step further in life. I always say you came as a blessing in my life and I got encourage to move further in my life. One of the most sweetest and humble and also honest person I ever met . Thanks darling for changing me for the better!

Evie Horton

I really enjoyed my first Chakra meditation experience. I found it very peaceful. It was so interesting to hear your insights & knowledge. I agree with so much you shared. Thank you so much!

Leah Syme

Thank you Shivanya , that was an amazing experience. I have never felt so in touch with myself & in tune with myself . I would love to learn more . In particular , the heart chakra I felt very emotional as I have struggled for the longest time to move forward from my previous relationship. Your meditation brought me in touch with that. I look forward to researching your blog!


Shivanya's Counseling has helped me understand myself and the relationship I share with other with more clarity. Shivanya has a tremendous ability to understand both sides to a coin and is able to throw light on the issues be it relationship Counseling or knowing your own self worth. And i'd like to add that not only is she helpful in identifying the problem areas but also able to give effective solution


Shivanya had been of a great help. She did numerology and Astro reading for me and it was amazing. She went to the level of depth in explaining and even Counselling on details of everything. The best part has she explored the spiritual element too in my charts and I found that quite interesting. I strongly recommend Shivanya for her readings and counsel and am sure it would just help raise your quality of life and at the same time you would find a friend for lifetime whom you can truly rely on.  

Marc Antony

Shivanya, you are a powerful personality and you have  a unique style, insight and perfect ability to connect with me, where am really at, inspiring and nurturing me to move me in the right direction.You are a miraculous coach and mentor, fully dedicated to improving my personal and professional life. All my best to you.  


When I was totally frustrated angry sad and exhausted then I happened to meet latika through a friend and thus began my new journey with myself she helped me overcome my martial challenges by understating myself and taking charge my emotions she encouraged me motivated me lovingly showing me hope. Today has been only 1 and half month and I feel like a new person already. More confident and alive than ever before. We did various techniques and I was committed to being the change. I am very excited about my future life and work as she helped me see my potential and she helped me to realize there is more to life and I am grateful for the healing and counselling.