Conscious Parenting

“Our experts help parents on Conscious Parenting.  Though parenting is one of the most enriching experience in our life, in present times it is increasingly becoming difficult to deal with the issues related to it. These issues could be related to your child’s behavior, academics, relationship, uncertain future, health or expectations mismatch. Most of us, as parents, are grappling with some of these issue related to our child and invariably one or more of them crop up in our mind and manifest themselves as worrisome problems for us.

It is happening not only because of changing needs of the time but also due to ever increasing self-expectations. While at one hand we have hardly been able to be aware of our own issues and challenges, on the other hand as a parent it has become even more difficult for us to handle the situations arising due to complex nature of family unit involving spouse and child. Also, when we are facing various phases of the childhood of our children, most of the times we deal with them under the purview of our own learnings, challenges, biases and frustrations.

This problem becomes more grave because rather than inquiring into our own biases and conditioning, we seek a “technique” or “methodology” or “dos and don’ts” to deal with anything and everything in life whether it is success in career, relationship, money or parenting. Unfortunately there is no key to parenting which can lead you towards successful parenting as the case is for everything else in life. Also there is no guarantee for the outcome but one can definitely be assured of a journey of parenting that is very satisfying and enriching.

Hence it is important that we stop looking at the questions which are only related to the symptoms and look into the questions which help us reflect and enquire gaps at the root of our problems. To be a conscious parent and enjoy the journey of being a parent one needs to be inquiring oneself. In addition to enjoying this journey through Conscious Parenting, you also learn a lot about yourself as both are inter related. We cannot ignore dealing with this mode of self-inquiry any further as it is hurting our experience of being a happy parent and creating a child who is not happy, intuitive, intelligent and integrated. At the same time, it is creating a world and society which is exponentially becoming complicated and miserable.

So welcome to the journey of Conscious Parenting and Nurturing Souls is excited to be part of your parenting.

Below are some of the issues and questions that Nurturing Souls may help the parent with:



  • I am worried about the future of my kid, don’t know what he is going to do
  • How can I ensure a successful career for my child
  • My child seems to be wasting time on one of his hobbies which I don’t think will be on any use in future
  • How can he achieve best of everything in life
  • His views / interests are too risky for his career and life
  • How can I make my child a responsible citizen


Expectations / Comparison

  • I generally feel that I am not able to meet my responsibility for my child
  • I want to be the best parent but don’t know how
  • I don’t know how I can give the best to my child which he deserves



  • My kids don’t listen to me
  • Increasingly I am finding it very difficult to have a conversation with my child
  • My child takes commitments too lightly
  • My child is too shy and does not open up in front of others
  • My child is low on confidence, don’t know how to build his confidence
  • I am facing behavioural issues with my child and how to fix them
  • My child is too much influenced by his friends / classmates (on being trendy / using branded stuff etc), don’t know what to do



  • My child is not good in studies, sports etc as per my expectation
  • My child is good in something but I want him to be good in something else
  • My child spends too much time on TV / gadgets / social media



  • I hope my child is in the right company
  • I don’t know what’s going on in my child’s mind
  • I feel my child doesn’t open up to me
  • I am not able to become a role model for my child
  • My child is not seeking approval from me



Coaching is available either in-person or online as follows: 

  • Individual Sessions with Parents* – Counselling on general or specific issues of parenting (which encompasses 4-6 sessions of 60-90 minutes each)
  • Group Sessions for 6 – 8 Parents (120 Minutes)
  • Speaking Engagements