To all the Singles & Couples out there!

Resolve your conflicts & deepen your love

7-Day Program to know yourself & your partner at a deeper level

Timing : 6-7 PM | Daily Webinar Sessions

In this workshop...

Learn to take care of each others’ needs & communicate effectively
“Let the Masculine & Feminine join hands in a beautiful dance… to the tune of our Hearts”

What will be covered?

Day 1

Understanding your Inner Needs in love

Day 2

Healing your Heart

Day 3

Men & Women have different needs in a relationship!

Day 4

Communicating clearly without hurting the other

Day 5

Breaking free of Drama patterns

Day 6

Designing healthy relationship Habits

Day 7

Putting it all together

Includes webinar lectures, discussions, exercises and powerful innerwork.

Investment: Rs.1000/-
And willingness to grow in your relationship

Your Facilitator

Shivanya Yogmayaa is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach certified in Relationship Coaching, EFT, NLP, CBT, REBT and Hypnotherapy.
She has over 10 years of experience in guiding singles and couples through their dating, relationship, & intimacy challenges

I limit this workshop to 10 attendees to maintain an intimate environment.