CLIENTS FEEDBACKS ~~~ Relationship Counselling/ Chakra Workshops and Astro Numerology Consultation

Sangita When I was totally frustrated angry sad and exhausted then I happened to meet latika through a friend and thus began my new journey with myself she helped me overcome my martial challenges by understating myself and taking charge my emotions she encouraged me motivated me lovingly showing me hope. Today has been only 1 and half month and I feel like a new person already. More confident and alive than ever before. We did various techniques and I was committed to being the change. I am very excited about my future life and work as she helped me see my potential and she helped me to realize there is more to life and I am grateful for the healing and counselling.

Marc Antony Shivanya, you are a powerful personality and you have  a unique style, insight and perfect ability to connect with me, where am really at, inspiring and nurturing me to move me in the right direction.You are a miraculous coach and mentor, fully dedicated to improving my personal and professional life. All my best to you.

Yogesh Shivanya had been of a great help. She did numerology and Astro reading for me and it was amazing. She went to the level of depth in explaining and even Counselling on details of everything. The best part has she explored the spiritual element too in my charts and I found that quite interesting. I strongly recommend Shivanya for her readings and counsel and am sure it would just help raise your quality of life and at the same time you would find a friend for lifetime whom you can truly rely on.

Pratiksha  Shivanya’s Counseling has helped me understand myself and the relationship I share with other with more clarity. Shivanya has a tremendous ability to understand both sides to a coin and is able to throw light on the issues be it relationship Counseling or knowing your own self worth.
And i’d like to add that not only is she helpful in identifying the problem areas but also able to give effective solution

Leah Syme Thank you Shivanya , that was an amazing experience. I have never felt so in touch with myself & in tune with myself . I would love to learn more . In particular , the heart chakra I felt very emotional as I have struggled for the longest time to move forward from my previous relationship. Your meditation brought me in touch with that. I look forward to researching your blog!

Evie Horton I really enjoyed my first Chakra meditation experience. I found it very peaceful. It was so interesting to hear your insights & knowledge. I agree with so much you shared. Thank you so much!

Kalpana Shivanya I do not know how to thank you for the journey thus far. I came to you seeking help where past events were being triggered by some current ones and how that was bringing up anger. Using EFT and inner child healing, I was amazed to see how all the issues were related to unresolved past emotional trauma. It went back to the time of my life which I did not even think was important and had chosen to forget , rather undigest and put away. Through the journey together we delved into so many other areas, which I would have never allowed anyone to see. The safe space you gave me, made it so easy to allow you to enter those dark places of my life and allowed you to help me heal and move beyond my wounds to work on empowering myself using the very same wounds that had caused various roadblocks for me. Thank you once again for being such a wonderful coach!

Lakshmi T  I met you when I was literally stuck in my life. As I was undergoing hell of a lot of confusions to take any step further in life. I always say you came as a blessing in my life and I got encourage to move further in my life. One of the most sweetest and humble and also honest person I ever met . Thanks darling for changing me for the better!

Alexandra M This was my first experience with Chakra so I found it very interesting & was surprised how calm & connected I felt while I meditating through each Chakra. Thanks for this experience!

Angela Fusco Love your energy and excitement . I can see & feel how passionate you are . I wish I could do more of the Chakra meditation . Please share more of Chakra healing as I am practising Reiki and learning Yoga .

Lucy Gerrard The Chakra Workshop was informative and taught us the basics of Chakras and how they co-relate to your life story. The meditation was calming and eye opening as it allowed important conflicts , people or values to naturally come to surface and awareness. . And it allowed me to see and realize what Chakra I need to work on. The Chakras really resonate with me and I am grateful for this workshop. Thank You!

Gabriela Figueroa I must say that this is one of the best experiences I have ever had. As someone that is fidgety and anxious , this helped me center myself yet float out of my physical body at the same time . I want o continue this amazing practice. I truly appreciate this unreal and beautiful experience. Thank You Shivanya!

Batool Persia She is very experienced and skilled in her work , she shows you the proper image of emotional life to you , and remind you whatever you lost about yourself in your life , and beyond all mentioned above she is very kind with a beautiful heart full of love . Dear Shivanya im very happy to have met you.

Vignesh Shivanya I have read a few  of your articles and they have been like a mind opening and awakening at the same time  . Being a man I can say your articles are like a therapy in itself! I have had my failures in relationship and I could say I saw myself in the pages. Men too have their insecurities and blows from dominant & insensitive relationships Hope You empathize with them too and I do see from your facebook post you are for both for men or women in context to Self Love and Relationships. Thanks Again & I Lookforward to learning and unlearning as you rightly said once!

Bela It is strange how sometimes the universe brings to us those people who we need the most. I cant remember how we started talking but once we did I knew I had found my light at the end of the tunnel.There was no doubt in my mind that you would be the one to help get through my darkest hour and surely, thanks to you, I can proudly say to myself now ” You’ve come a long way, baby!”It is overwhelming at times, just knowing that there is someone out there who cares so much. Your patience with me all the times that I have ranted on and on about my worries…your being able to shine a light on the opportunities hidden in all my perceived difficulties ….your endless energy to put up with my roller coaster emotions. Finally , I am able to absorb the messages hidden in all the madness and that is all thanks to you. My mind is now at more peace than it was prior to our sessions and I have finally managed to follow my bedtime routine once again without the aid of sleeping pills !!! But I know that the road is a long one but knowing that I have you by my side, it seems very doable !

Preeti I had a opportunity to get my numerology reading from Shivanya, it was quite elaborate and I could resonate with what she said about career, relationships and life path. It was quite informative and one can take important decisions based on her recommendations.

 Tuli Thank you so much for my Numerology reading Shivanya Yogmayaa. Not only was it well-described by you, and neither did you stop the Numerological reading process early like so many of the other numerologists in the market out there. I loved the way you took me through a more in-depth and fascinating approach to discovering the numbers that influence every facet of my life. It will help me in analyzing myself and others very deeply.

Your professional and thorough walk-through of Numerology will allow one to live one’s life with a greater deal of purpose and understanding.

Shivanya indeed has a great insight in the world of numerology, apart from being an excellent relationship coach and I recommend people to consult her for a better life.


Heather A surprisingly intense experience which has opened my eyes to a more spiritual understanding . And I would like to explore more on Chakra Meditation and study further .Thank You!

Sunita I know Shivanya from the last 3yrs. She is a divine lady. She is very committed to her work, always ready to help people in whatever way she can. A wonderful human being, friend and philosopher. I am truly blessed to be a part of her life

Victoria  The class was so full of love. Thanks dear Shivanya for  enlightening us. With love, light and hugs !!!!

Tamaya Thank you Shivanya and yet again for your excellent second class In the Journey into Love series. The guided meditation ..valuable advice ,tips and insights offered in the session were invaluable .Im glad I didnt miss this class.Please send me a reminder for your next class..I’m definitely in.

Anupama Hi all ..yesterday was a beautiful evening with Shivanya with her journey of love..amazing red tents talk.. Would definitely b there on Wed.

Tamana Shivanya  dear thank you for your insight on ” Journey into ”
The session was wonderful, friendly with a personal touch. I am going to apply a few tips in my personal life with a hope for changes! Looking forward for your sessions. God bless!

Charmine  What a wonderful session that was Shivanya ! Thank you for your insight and sharing your personal experiences and those tips you gave us I am going to apply in my personal life.It all makes sense now. I look forward to the next sessions.Great stuff..

Ridhima The sessions with you have been extremely liberating and helpful . They have given me new perspectives and made me do deeds that i would have never thought of and have all worked out for the best . I am extremely fortunate that i got connected with you because it was great help at a time when there was only turmoil . The sessions provided me with peace and I could feel the energy flowing me within my chakras especially my heart Chakra. I felt good and liberated .Thankyou for all your help! Tons of love and light to you

Nupur Thanks Shivanya!
The session with you was very insightful. Helped me to discover different facets of myself and yet the oneness in universe. Willing to learn more through the love lens…

Rose  When I got home last night after our first session, my eldest daughter cuddled up to me and said “Do you know how much I love you mama”…..awwww and the youngest whose thirteen kept hanging around me and saying I love you and giving me kisses!They did not know anything about the workshop or my learning at this point! Amazzzzing .

Rosanna  I’m so happy to have you as a guide and role model for faith and trust …you were very helpful and presented a different perspective to look at.

Chloe I really enjoyed and learnt a lot. I felt a true sense of wonderment at times . Very enlightening and ethereal experience! Would practice more on Chakra Meditation & Balancing! Thank You Shivanya!

Caroline I loved how knowledgable you were about emotions and their relations with our behaviour and psychological makeup! It made me very open to experiencing & understanding the art of meditation . This workshop has been very fruitful and informative. Thank you for introducing me to this art form!

Sonal My experience with Shivanya was very nice. She is very practical in her approach towards evaluating problems from all life dimensions emotional, spiritual, career or personal and building a road map to accomplish solutions. I highly recommend to take up counselling sessions with her and also get readings for astrology & numerology. It will sure be an enlightening experience!!

Mrs Kapoor The session was meaningful with specific intervention for my issue. A intuitive,free flowing coach & healer with high post session engagement Thank you Shivanya for your support

Namrata  She is a wonderful counsellor and teacher.Shivanya has explained the subject in a most brilliant way . It was expressed in the most simple manner and went straight to my heart. Thank You for the generous sharing!

Abhishek Thank You so much for your valuable insight, guidance you gave me!! You’re a excellent relationship coach with down to earth, honest and compassionate qualities. You have many great ideas, own sound judgement, and very talented that inspire us! You’re a blessing for many people including me. May the divinity bless upon you!! You’re Amazing!!! ” You are really a very beautiful soul!! Take care, keep smiling ?

Sameer Excellent conversation Shivanya! You are Magic! You are “Game Changer” for me Shivanya I just need understand, apply & follow the process, instructions and approach you just recommended I’m sure to hug “Blissful Life”Come to Mumbai sooon  You’re “Magik” for me?

Sanjay You are very fantastic person Thanks! Never thought I would be talking to such an informative and good person. I would like to interact on different areas too. Infact knowing you has been wonderful! Never know who can come come across in life …who can make a difference!

Santosh It was a fabulous event today. Most productive Sunday I’ve ever had in years. Loved and enjoyed every moment of AXE EFFECT for MEN !!! I can’t thank you enough for guiding me on a path to discover my hidden “Gentlemanly” traits. You truly rock ! I sincerely wish and hope that many people be touched by your charismatic aura. Cheers galore !!?

Sumit This program was really Unique and she went into great detail with all the topics  Some of the things she told are so simple and effective and the Videos were just Mind Blowing.. I was really happy to attend this program and hope she Creates Many more such Innovative and Fun Programs

Neeru Thanks dear..Lots of changes have come into me since after we’ve met at the level of understanding self… That has made me humble..Thanks again..