Loving Against All Odds

Love in Corona Times… Love Against All Odds! Keeping it alive when situation compels you to let-go, to give up… However, Love is stronger and finds it’s way through the course of odds.

With the entire globe fighting against the deadly coronavirus, a lot has changed in a span of few months. We have suffered both professionally and personally. The corona times have mainly been stressful for our mental health and the friction in our love life isn’t making it easy either. The pandemic has forced us to distance ourselves from our loved ones. In my personal experience, I have recently witnessed some couples drifting apart due to this long distance.

1) Raghav and Ridhi were lovers working together before the lockdown. The pandemic caused Raghav to lose his job. Due to this unforeseen financial crisis, he had to return to his native town and thus lost touch with Ridhi for a couple of months.

2) Rajesh and Ritu had plans of getting married but had to postpone the wedding due to the pandemic and now have an unending silence between them.

3) Sandeep and Sandhya were recently married. Sandeep had to travel for work before pandemic and got stuck there due to the lockdown. So, now they are separated and finding it difficult to unite. 

Now, there are many similar situations due to which relationships are going through a lot of uncertainty and frustration impacting our mental health. It’s not easy to maintain a long-distance relationship with no certainty of reuniting. Often times, couples are confused about how to proceed without regular meetings—should they call each other often or should they use this time to pursue other interests.

The separation also gives way to emotional and mental stress and therefore, it’s important to analyse their relationship and tread accordingly.

Here are some tips to make the long-
distance relationship work in your favour:

1. Trust each other enough to give space and not overdo with texts and calls.
2. Strike a balance and use creative ideas to make every conversation interesting.
3. Treat this phase as the first year of your relationship and put in some efforts to keep the interest alive.
4. Try and do video calls some times and do some things together, for example, watch a movie together using screen sharing options.
5. Send random voice notes to each other to keep in touch throughout the day.
6. Use this time to let him/her miss you.
7. Try to use different ways to be in touch—some texting, some calling, some emails, some pictures/selfies, some voice notes and yes, some handwritten notes.
8. Go back to the old school ways of writing each other love letters and if possible, post them or just send them as pictures to each other.
9. Remind each other that you are always there no matter what and they can count on you when things get difficult.
10. Assure each other that you two will reconnect as soon as the situation gets better.
11. Send gifts that remind them about you randomly.
12. Make plans to attend some online fitness classes or concerts in the meantime.
13. Communication becomes essential in a long-distance relationship so express every deep feeling that you are going through.
14. Use this time to enhance your productivity and grow as a person. Take up a new hobby or skill.
15. Keep some dirty talk alive. Start sexting!
16. Don’t be impulsive and jump to conclusions if they don’t answer your call immediately.
17. Surprise each other using social media. Make each other feel special from time to time.
18. Talk about family and friends to each other to make them feel like a part of your family.
19. Keep some things exclusive to your relationship. Have some code words that stay between the two of you. Have some inside jokes and nicknames.
20. Above all, stay optimistic. This too shall pass.

If you have started questioning the future of your relationship or are going through a lot of stress due to relationship woes, feel free to connect with a counsellor to understand how to sail through it or know if it is time to give up or is it really worth holding on…
Good luck for your love life against all odds!

If you are still on the Crossroads with your Love Life Wondering what to do… Feel free to connect for 1st Free Session Online with our Love Coach Shivanya Yogmayaa.


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